About and Rules
About and Rules


This is a peer-led (non-professional) resource and community to supplement a professional Dialectal Behavior Therapy (DBT) Program, or provide information to someone still trying to access Professional DBT Therapy. This is not a replacement for professional DBT Therapy. DBT is a therapy that has been proven effective for numerous disorders, but was designed specifically for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), which had no proven treatment at the time. It was designed by Dr. Marsha Linehan, a licensed psychologist who had once been diagnosed with BPD herself. Dr. Linehan found relief from a combination of Zen Buddhism and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). DBT is the result of her merging the mindfulness practices of Zen Buddhism with the modern psychology concepts of CBT. Professional DBT Therapy has been proven effective for numerous disorders since, but takes a long time for a professional to learn and become certified in. This means DBT can be difficult to access for people living rurally and/or in poverty.

General Rules

Petty name-calling and general assholery may occasionally be forgiven after a cool-off ban period of 30 days AND an apology is given to both admin and the victim. The victim (assuming they were not also banned) may also be asked if they are comfortable with you returning. The following things are absolutely disallowed and you will be banned permanently:

  • Telling someone else to kill themselves or that you will kill yourself as a result of their action or inaction.
  • Hate-speech against any gender, race, religion, culture, sexuality, age, and whatever else I forgot that people can’t help and you shouldn’t be mean about. Expressing that you personally have experienced hardship in your life due to some kind of prejudice is fine, but the overgeneralizations typical of prejudice and any slurs will earn a permaban.
  • Doxxing
  • Trolling
  • Illegal content, specifically (but not limited to) child pornography
  • Nudity that is not obviously and explicitly artistic or educational AND tagged NSFW including the chest of both men and women. Keep your shirts on, folks.

Mental-Health Specific Rules

Out of respect for your other peers we ask that you not discuss suicide methods in any detail, but other discussions on the topic including nonspecific thoughts are acceptable as long as they are only posted in the “venting” community. Please use tags for these common types of distressing content:

  • [Suicide]
  • [Self-Harm]
  • [Sexual Content]
  • [Sexual Violence]
  • [Interpersonal Violence/Abuse]
  • [Eating Disorder] - (including binge-eating disorder)
  • [Serious Injury/Illness]

Fediverse Specific Rules

This server is powered by Lemmy, which makes it a part of a larger set of servers called the “Fediverse.” It is important to me that my server members be able to access the larger Fediverse, and that the larger Fediverse can access this server. If you go out there and act a damn fool, it looks bad on me and my server and they might “de-federate” us which is basically blocking our entire server. In most cases, I would rather ban you personally than risk defederation. Please keep that in mind when you use credentials from my server to post on others.

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